Jun. 11, 2015

Why Buyers STILL Need a Buyer’s Agent When They Purchase a Home

The Internet is a great source of information for Home Buyers.  I love it!  It helps to create educated home buyers.  Statistics, and other information that are gathered online is something that wasn’t available to Buyer’s 20-years ago.  In spite of all of this information (and don’t forget all of the cool pictures of homes that you can see), many buyers only have briefly scratched the surface of how to be a successful buyer, how to negotiate contracts, and how to start the home buying process here in Texas.

A good buyer’s agent can educate a home buyer on how the market is working, whether, based on a particular neighborhood, it is truly a buyer’s market, or a seller’s market.  They can easily find the comparable sold listings in the market, how much they sold for, whether or not a particular home is over (or under) priced, and they (most importantly) know other agents – making them extraordinarily valuable to their buyer clients by providing them with experience and knowledge.

For a buyer who works directly with a listing agent, without benefit of having their own real estate agent that works for them, the most important thing that they NEED TO KNOW is that the listing agent, by having a listing agreement directly with the seller, must look out first and foremost for the seller’s interests, not the buyer’s.

When the buyer works with a buyer’s agent (at no cost to the buyer) the buyer gets an agent who works on THEIR behalf and represents THEIR BEST INTERESTS.  A good buyer’s agent tracks the buyer’s process, introduces them to mortgage representatives (if they aren’t already pre-approved) to help them find out how much they can afford in a home, helps uncover unknowns about the market, or a particular property, and helps to negotiate the very best (and fair) deal for THE BUYER.  They can put together a market analysis of the area, and tell the buyer what a fair market price is for the home that they are interested in.

Buyers without a buyer’s agent, ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ – the buyer’s agent helps with this.

One important misconception to note – Is that there is NO savings for either the buyer or the seller if the buyer doesn’t have a buyer’s agent.  The seller pays the same agreed upon commission whether the buyer has an agent that represents him or not.  Ultimately, without an agent to guide the buyer, the risk is all on the buying side.

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