Jun. 11, 2015

What to Do to Prepare to Sell Your Home - Part II


One thing you need to know – you will never be able to have a successful sale (meaning at the highest possible price) without cleaning your home first. Even a cleaning service will be reluctant to take-on a heavy-duty cleanup - unless you make some efforts yourself first.

If you haven’t done a serious clean in years – expect it to be a huge chore. And the worst part could be getting to those areas that need to seriously be cleaned. Clean behind your appliances! Vacuuming the condenser coils on your fridge, or pulling out the stove to clean the years of grease build up is a chore but it needs to be done. Clean the inside of your oven and microwave. It is a part of maintaining these appliances – they will run better, and another thing to think about having broken or appliances that are in disrepair when the inspector shows up will cost you big bucks.

Get rid of that nasty mold and mildew in your bathrooms and kitchen. Not only is this stuff disgusting, many people are allergic to it and it just makes your home look filthy. Buyers will not put in an offer on a home that they believe could be hazardous, or that they are going to have to scrub for a week before they inhabit it. Just because you are selling a pre-owned home doesn’t mean that it can’t ‘look’ brand new. If you have discolored caulk in your bathrooms or mildewed shower curtains, replace them.

Hire a professional cleaning service to come in while your house is on the market. Being ready to show your property every day is an important part of the listing process. For many people, it can be the most stressful part of the process. Hire a cleaning professional to come in once a week to give it a good clean. Cleanliness is the way to a great offer.

When you have a showing, and you vacate your property so that a potential buyer can view it, take your pets with you. Putting them in the garage doesn’t let the potential buyer view your whole house. Many people will not make a full price offer on part of a house.  Leaving your pets behind, no matter how cute, won’t help you sell your home. A GOOD listing agent will help you accomplish this by making a 2-hour showing notice a requirement for your property. No ‘GO SHOW’ instructions – you need to remove your pets first.

Ensure the success of selling your home by finding a real estate agent who will be honest with you, and will work tirelessly to sell your home. A GOOD agent will pay for professional photographs, a staging appointment, and will understand how to market your home – on the Internet and to other agents - not just on the Multiple Listing Service and to those agents sitting in their office If an agent isn’t willing to invest themselves in the sale of your home - DON'T INVEST IN THAT AGENT.

With some work, and the right agent, you will sell your home and move on to the home of your dreams.

Ask questions — Ask your agent what to expect during the sales transaction, and always have them ask for buyer feedback on what will make your house more marketable.

Discuss sales strategies with your agent — If your home is listed for more than six weeks without an offer, consider lowering the price or improvements that will enhance your home.

Be prepared — The housing market in your area may change. Be flexible and open to those changes. A GOOD agent will give you suggestions to help you sell quicker and eliminate home-selling stress.  Listen to them.

Remember, if you have a GOOD agent who has helped you come up with a fair market price - a clean and de-cluttered home will bring you one step closer to a full-price offer.

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