Aug. 25, 2017

Leon Springs Community News - August 2017

Home Staging – The Key to Selling Your Home Faster and For More Money!

Frankly, home buyers shop with logic and buy on emotion!  When a buyer ‘falls in love’ with a home – suddenly the ‘Must Haves’ don’t seem so necessary. 

Buyers often believe that they can see the ‘potential’ of any home, but usually they can’t.  Ugly furniture, strange wall colors, smelly or cluttered rooms, even EMPTY rooms in my experience are things that buyers can’t overcome.  There is a reason that Model Homes are used to sell speculative homes by builders.  Smart sellers know that creating a model home environment generates interest and will make buyers put in an offer fast. 

What’s Home Staging?  It is the process of preparing and presenting your home for sale so that it appeals to the largest possible number of buyers and sells for the highest possible price!  In order to reduce staging costs it is best to work with what the seller currently has.  Generally, it is the process of decluttering, rearranging, cleaning (everything!!!) inside and out, painting, repairing, replacing flooring if necessary, and updating the most important areas of the house – usually the kitchen and master bathroom!  The goal is to create a home that is open, warm, and inviting – that buyers will fall in love with!

Remember – because buyers buy on emotion a seller can’t expect them to look past those problems that have annoyed the seller themselves for years!  Create positive emotions from the moment they walk through the door.  Call a great REALTOR® to help you get your home in shape to make the best sale possible!

Gina M. Sohmer, is a veteran, a second-generation REALTOR®, a Graduate of the REALTOR® Institute and a member of the Phyllis Browning Company.  She can be reached at

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