Jan. 4, 2019

Column - December 2018

Cost Effective Repairs Sellers Can Do To Get The Best Sales Price

You would be surprised how just the smallest things can help you get a great price for your home!  So, if everything in your home is important, where should you start when you only have so much time and money?  Here are some cost effective repairs to start with:

Paint:  It’s the cheapest and easiest way to make your home look clean and fresh!  Light and neutral colors appeal to most buyers, and make rooms look larger.  The whole house doesn’t necessarily need painting!  Only those areas with dark, dirty, or chipped paint would really need it.  Bonus!  You can do it yourself – but, if you don’t have a steady hand, hire someone who does! 

Lighting:  Good light makes spaces look larger.  Make sure that all of the light bulbs and light fixtures work properly.  Replace those that need replacing.

Bathrooms:  Super Clean them!  Make sure that everything works from the toilet to the faucets.  Sometimes a new toilet seat can do wonders for a toilet.  Bonus!  You don’t need a plumber to replace one.

Does it Work?  Go through your home and make sure that everything functions the way it is supposed to.  Doors, locks, garage door, windows…all of these items should be in good working order.  If it is super hard to get that front door open, the buyer will take note of it right away, and wonder what else doesn’t work.  Mechanical items such as HVAC and sprinkler systems should also be working correctly!

Call me to help you figure out what You need to do to get Your Home ready for selling season and to get the best price possible.

Gina M. Sohmer, is a veteran, a 2nd-Generation REALTOR®, a Graduate of the REALTOR® Institute, a Seller’s Representative Specialist, an Accredited Buyer’s Representative, and a member of the Phyllis Browning Company.  You can reach her at www.ginasohmerrealestate.com or (210) 608-0650.

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