Oct. 26, 2019

Column - March 2019

Sellers:  Paint and How It Can Help You Sell Your Home

While it is true that the San Antonio area is still experiencing a seller’s market, painting is a small thing that you can do to help increase the value of your home and to sell it faster.  Remember sellers:  Buyers don’t want to shell out extra cash to paint after closing.  The more ‘turn-key’ your home is, the faster it will sell and the higher the offer you will receive from potential buyers.

It’s a good idea to tone down any loud wall colors or wallpaper choices with neutral paint.  Why?  This allows buyers to easily imagine there things in a space because neutral paint color goes with just about anything.  

Some great warm neutral colors that I am seeing out there are beiges, tans, golds, grays, and what I refer to as ‘greige’, which the best I can describe is a blend of gray and beige.  One color to avoid is bright white, it is too stark for most buyers to handle and the first thing I hear from my buyers is “Well this will have to be painted” thereby negating the “turn-key” effect that you want. 

Also, paint is more than JUST color.  Buy a high-quality paint, or at least something mid-tier:  cheap paint usually will cause you to have to use more coats and it won’t go on as smooth!  Different finishes and sheens can impact how the paint color pops, how easy a wall is to clean, and other factors.  Satins and semi-gloss are better for durability and stain resistance.  Semi-gloss is great for trim and doors because it is easier to clean handprints, and it is very good for bathrooms where you will encounter moisture. 

Call me today to help guide you on that first step in getting your home on the market – and you may be surprised at how you can fulfill your dream of selling your home! 

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