Oct. 26, 2019

Column - October 2019

Preparing Your Home for the Fall Season!

The seasons are changing!  You can feel it in your bones!  But, before you go into ‘hibernation mode’ in preparation for a nice cold winter – there is a season called FALL that is the perfect time to get some very important home maintenance items completed!

Here are a few fairly simple Fall Home Projects:

1. Clean and Reverse Ceiling Fans.  Fans working hard all summer are probably dustier than you think!  Turn your fans off then clean the sides, tops and bottoms of the blades.  Reverse your fans so the blades to send air upward to push the warm air that collects near the ceiling downward:  making your rooms during cooler weather more comfortable!   This is especially effective in rooms with high/vaulted ceilings, fireplaces and wood-burning stoves.

2.  Clean Window Treatments.  Use a hand-held vacuum to remove dust from blinds, curtains, and valances.  If you have curtains, remove and launder them.  While they're down, clean your windows and sills thoroughly.

3.  Vacuum and Clean Furniture.  Vacuum your upholstered furniture, and spot-clean the big stains as needed.  Treat with Febreeze to freshen the fabric.  ***Always test an inconspicuous area of your couch before applying any cleaning agent!

4.  Save yourself some money on heating costs and Seal Those Air Leaks.  Repair/replace damaged weather stripping and cracked caulking around your doors and windows.  Check foundation for cracks and caulk around the areas where masonry meets siding, pipes or wires enter the house, and around windows and door frames to prevent heat from escaping.  I believe that this is one of the least expensive maintenance jobs that you can do – but it is so very important!  Openings in your foundation can allow water to get in and freeze, resulting in widening cracks and MOLD build up!  Remember we have talked about it before:  MOLD = BAD!

Who are you going to call to help make Your Real Estate Dreams Come True?  Why me of course!  See you next month! 

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