What is a Power Agent?

I have belonged to the Power Agent® Program for a few years now.  I started the program because as an agent I was looking for a coaching program to help me become a better REALTOR® NOT a better salesperson.  I found what I was looking for through Darryl Davis' Power Agent® Program.  It is a philosophy, or a way of life, a mindset really, that makes me a better person, and in turn, THAT makes me a better REALTOR®.  A lot of people have asked me - What is a Power Agent?  Here's the answer:

Power Agents® are committed to SERVING, NOT SELLING.  It’s a real balancing act for salespeople to help their clients and customers with their needs, while at the same time taking care of their own family by generating income.  Power Agents® recognize Zig Ziglar’s philosophy in life: “You can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”

Power Agents® do not CLOSE people, they COACH.  No one sells or buys a home for no reason.  They do it because they are committed to accomplishing the next level in their life.  They may need a bigger home because their family is expanding, perhaps they have a job transfer, or perhaps they are downsizing because their current home is too expensive or too much house for their needs.  Power Agents® understand their job is not to just help sell or buy a house, but to help people get to that next level.

Power Agents® recognize that they have the means to help change people’s lives. Therefore, they understand how important it is to find out what a person’s ultimate goal is and COACH them on how to accomplish that goal.

Power Agents® are committed to MASTERY.  Becoming a master at anything takes an understanding that everything is an opportunity to learn.  Warren Buffet says, “Success is the worst teacher because you only learn from your mistakes”.  

Power Agents® don’t get frustrated when they make a mistake or don’t get the result they wanted.  They recognize it as an opportunity to learn and improve their skill.

Power Agents® don’t memorize SCRIPTS.  When a salesperson tries to use scripts, there is something that feels inauthentic because they are not being themselves.  They’re using someone else’s words and not their own.  It’s also a distraction.  At the very time you’re supposed to be connecting with another person, you’re trying to remember the script and what you’re going to say when the other person finishes talking. 

Power Agents® use an approach that is one of Darryl’s signature techniques that give a Power Agent the ability to use their own words and talk from the heart.  It’s called human-being, not human-doing, and power Agents are natural at BEING and NOT DOING.

I have always talked from my heart, my experience, my knowledge.  Everyone has different dreams of what THEIR home is.  Being a Power Agent® makes me remember why I got into the real estate business to begin with:  to help other people find a place that they can call 'home'.

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